How do I place an order on Ify Shop?

To place an order on Ify Shop:

Enter the name of the item you’d like to buy in the search bar if you do not see it on the store front page. You can also browse for products by selecting the category on the left, top or bottom side of your screen, Click on a product to learn more about it or add to your cart or click buy now, Click add to cart and proceed to the checkout page Register or login into your existing account by entering your email or phone number and password Enter your shipping/billing information ensuring your address is complete and accurate Select a Delivery Method Choose your preferred Payment Method, Click on Place Order to complete your order on the next page.
For additional support contact us at Our hours of operations are 8am – 8pm on Mondays to Saturdays.

I am having trouble adding products to my cart. What do I do?

If you are having trouble adding products to your cart please make sure that you have made all relevant size and color selections. If you still have problems this may mean that the item you are trying to buy is sold out and not in stock at the time. For additional support contact us at Our hours of operations are 8am – 8pm on Mondays to Saturdays.

How do I track my order?

To track the status of your order:

Log into your Ify Shop account Select ‘Login/Register’ in the upper right hand menu Select ‘Orders’ Find the item you would like to track and click ‘see details’ Select the “track item” to display delivery details You will also receive delivery updates via email Account registered with to make it easy to know when your order will be delivered. You can also click on track your on the top right or on the bottom of the page.
For additional support please contact us

Can I collect my order at a pick up station?

In addition to home delivery you can also choose to pick up your order at our store or at any bus/tran stations close to you if your order is qualified for store/station pick up

How much are delivery fees?

Delivery fees are the costs incurred by Ify Shop and our logistics partners to deliver to your selected address. Delivery fees vary based on your geographic location delivery method shipment method and the size or category of the product you ordered. You can review delivery fees before placing your order on the product/cart page as well as during checkout

My order is delayed what should I do?

We aim to avoid delays however due to unforeseen circumstances such as severe weather or custom restrictions (for Ify Shop Global items) etc. packages can face delays. If your delivery is more than 24 hours late please contact us. We will also send you an update via email as soon as it’s available for delivery

I prefer to pay for my order on delivery; do I need to provide exact change?

Our delivery associates are required to have enough change should you require it. However to avoid any inconvenience we would recommend you have the exact amount as stated in the order confirmation email

Is the delivery associate supposed to ask me for my location?

Our delivery associate has clear visibility on your delivery address as inputted at time of order placement. Therefore they should not request any additional information including your location. However should the address be incomplete or incorrect they may get in touch with you to confirm the address and avoid delivery failure

I am unhappy with the service from the delivery associate. How can I share my feedback?

We take customer satisfaction seriously. If you’re unhappy with the service provided by our delivery agent please contact us to report the incident so we can take the necessary corrective actions

I missed my delivery. What happens now?

Not to worry we will reschedule your order the next business day. We will make a total of 2 attempts to deliver the package before canceling your order. You will be notified before we make the second attempt so we request that you remain available to avoid order cancellation if your order is cash on delivery order, for international customers, you will have to go to your local post office or to the logistics company office to pick up your order.

I ordered multiple products and only received one/a few. Why didn’t I receive my entire order at once?

Items from our different store are shipped separately to ensure that there is no delay in fulfilling your order. You will receive all your items within the delivery period mentioned on the product pages of each of these items. You can check the status of your order anytime or by following these simple steps:

Log into your Ify Shop account Select ‘Account’ in the upper right/left hand menu Select ‘Orders’ Find the item you would like to track and click ‘See details’ Select the “track item” to display delivery details You will also receive delivery updates via email to make it easy to know when your order will be delivered.

Can I change my delivery information (address/phone) after placing my order?

Once an order has been placed you can no longer change the delivery details. We recommend you verify your delivery information on the checkout page prior to submitting your order

Can I open my package before making a payment or reject/return my item to the delivery associate at the time of delivery?

Payment has to be made before packages may be opened. Not to worry though when you shop on Ify Shop you can always return an unused item in original package as long as you meet the return eligibility criteria.

I found the package open and the seal broken on delivery. What should I do?

You must refuse to accept the delivery of an open package as we can’t guarantee the conformity of the product received and we will not accept returns of unsealed products should you change your mind

Can I ask to change the delivery of my package from ‘door delivery' to collection at a Pick up Station?

Once an order has been placed the delivery method cannot be changed. We recommend you verify the delivery details including timelines and shipping fees on the checkout page prior to placing your order

How long does delivery usually take?

Delivery timelines vary by area. Full details can be found on the item page or on shipping/delivery page

Are all products on Ify Shop original and genuine?

We are committed to offering our customers only 100% genuine and original products. Any seller found to be selling non-genuine products is penalized and/or delisted from Ify Shop

Are prices on Ify Shop negotiable?

Prices on Ify Shop are not negotiable. Our teams are working constantly to get the best quality products at competitive prices. Also you may opt to use a promotional voucher for an added discount if available and usage conditions are met. Please keep an eye on our social media updates to be informed about our campaigns and flash sales for best prices.

How do I close my account?

We hate to see you leave. You can leave your account on hold and come back whenever you want. However if you still wish to close your account please follow the steps below: Log into your Ify Shop account Select ‘Account’ in the bottom left hand menu Select ‘Close/Delete my Account’ Enter your password, choose the reason why you wish to delete your account and click ‘Delete my account Please note your account cannot be reinstated once you submit your request

I have an issue to log in

You can log in on Ify Shop by following the next steps :Click on Account or login/register at the top right of your screen or click on my account at the bottom of this page.
Type in your email address or phone number used to create your account. (Please make sure to enter complete email address/ phone number with correct format).
Type in your password. (Please make sure to use the correct password or request for a new password if you forget your password).
You can now log in!

You can also login with your google account

I have an issue to create an account on your store

You can create an account by following the next steps:  Click on Register at the right top of your screen or click on my account at the bottom of the page.
Add the required information: email address or phone number, your desired password and any other detail. (Please make sure to respect correct format).
As an option you can register by login with google.
Your Ify Shop account is now created!

I want to reset my password

Click on lost your password? enter your username or email address. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. reset and use your new password

How do I return an item I ordered?

Log into your Ify Shop account
Select Account in the upper right hand menu
Select Orders
Find the item you would like to return and click Request a return
Select the number of items you wish to return the reason of the return and give us more details to help us identify the issue with the product
Select your preferred refund method
Select your preferred return method (pick up from your address or drop off at our store)
Check your information and submit your return request

I received the refund confirmation but the amount I’ve received is not correct. What happened?

Sorry to hear about this. We ensure all refunds are issued in accordance with the amount paid at the time of order placement. NOTE: Shipping cost is non refundable for order that has been shipped, because the shipping fee has been paid to the delivery company. Kindly contact us to investigate the case and provide adequate resolution

Is my product under warranty?

Warranty information is displayed on each product’s listing description page if the product has warranty, if you don't see that on the order page that means it does not apply. For more information on claiming under warranty read the product description

Do I get refunded the delivery fees when returning or cancelled product?

If you are returning a Ify Shop Global item and the return is not the result of Ify Shop error (i.e. you have changed your mind or the size, color does not fit as expected) you will not receive any refund on delivery fees as that has been paid to the logistics/delivery company( Order shipping fee is not refundable ).

Can I replace or exchange an item rather than a refund?

At Ify Shop we offer replacement or exchange of an item if what you received is not what you ordered for or that it have problem from our store if your claim is approved after return of the item; so you can still return an item and receive a full refund if qualified for return.

I have bought an item on sale/discount. What amount will you refund me?

For items purchased on sale the amount refunded will be the exact amount paid and not its original value.example: If you purchased an item on sale for [100.00] and its original value was [400.00] we will refund you [100.00].

I would like to change the refund method I’ve selected. What should I do?

Please note that refund methods cannot be changed once your item has been returned to us. However if you still have the item in your possession and are still within the return window you may cancel the return request by speaking to our customer service team. You can then create a new request choosing the refund to store wallet method and your refund will be credited to your Ify Shop wallet.

I tried to pay for my order using my card/bank transfer but it says my payment did not go through. Why?

There are many factors that may impact your payment success. Ensure you input the correct banking information (Name, address, card number, expiry date, CVV) and that you have sufficient funds on your card/account. Also network and connectivity issues with your issuing bank may lead to a payment failure. Your bank may also send you a verification code (OTP) via SMS or Email address, so please ensure you have access to your phone or email at the time of completing the transaction. A transaction on the payment platform is valid for a limited period of time so please ensure you complete it before it times out

What is Ify Shop store credit/wallet? And how can I use it?

Your Ify Shop store credit can be granted as the result of the following: 1. refunds due to cancellations/returns 2. rewards/Top-ups. Your Ify Shop store to pay for order. This credit can be find on my wallet when you go to my account and click on wallet.  although certain conditions may apply. To view your available Ify Shop store credit you can click on ‘Account’ then check the Ify Shop Store wallet section and check your balance.

I paid for my order using my card or Mobile money at the time of delivery

If you have opted to pay as a guest (using our Guest Checkout) you will be refunded through the same payment method which means that orders paid via card or bank transfer will be refunded back to your bank card/account.

Can i join your affiliate program

Anybody can join our affiliate program, create affiliate account and start earning money by sharing our products on your website, social media and elsewhere and get paid